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How can I translate?

Hello, I would like to translate messages(https://live.scoold.com/translate), especially in Korean.
Is there any permission to do that?
If so, please grant a permission to me .

Thank you.

Posted 6 years ago
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Here's the whole language file in English: https://github.com/Erudika/scoold/blob/master/src/main/resources/lang_en.properties

You can also go to the Translate page and translate there. It would be slower as all translated strings have to be approved first.

If you translate the whole language file, please notify me or create a Pull Request on GitHub and I'll add it to the project as the official translation for that language.

Posted 6 years ago
Edited 6 years ago
Alex Bogdanovski
1K × 9 Administrator

Thank you! I will try it.

No Name   6 years ago Report
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6 years ago
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