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How can a computer restart itself? After it's off, how does it tell itself to come back on again? What kind of software is it that can do this?
7 years ago
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3 Answers
0 Votes 3 Answers 5K Views
In Windows you have a C-drive. Everything labeled beyond that is with the following letter. So your second drive is D, your DVD is E and if you put in a USB ...
0 Can new Scoold users be prompted with the rules of engagement before submitting their first question or answer?

Scoold now allows admins to create post templates with some predined content which could contain useful hints or rules for new members. Go to Ask question > write some text > save as template.

9 months ago
1 How can I subscribe to a question in scoold ?

Click the "Send new responses to my email" checkbox when posting an answer.

2 years ago
2 List my questions

Go to your profile to see a list of all your questions.

2 years ago
2 Scaling Scoold up - Pro vs Pro Unlimited

One pod can definitely handle thousands of users, if it has enough memory and cpu.

  1. One pod for Para and one for Scoold should be enough
  2. Try adding more CPU or memory if necessary
  3. Scoold Pro and Scoold Pro unlimited are the same product, but with unlimited you can run Scoold Pro on any number of hosts.
  4. Use CloudSQL or Mongo Atlas
2 years ago
1 How to show if I have casted a vote for a question or an answer?

This has been added in Scoold 1.50.0. This is missing from Scoold. I've added a new feature request here.

2 years ago
0 How many users?


2 years ago
4 Any database preference for Scoold?

You are right - the schema for SQL databases is pretty simple. I wouldn't say document DBs are preferred over RDMBSs, it's just that Para is a schemaless backend server so the data fits better inside a document DB. In other words Para expects data in any kind of structure.

3 years ago
0 Can you turn off the title?

There is no option for this, yet.

3 years ago
0 Telegram support

No plans for Telegram just yet. Check the README on webhooks for integrating Scoold with Telegram.

3 years ago
0 Who is allowed to ask questions in Scoold?

Yes, of course, everyone can ask questions. Also, everyone can answer and upvote questions. The features/limitations you describe are not implemented.

3 years ago
0 Поддерживается ли русский язык?

Да, но я прошу вас чтобы перводите на русском, пожалуйста.

3 years ago
1 Can I write an article here?

You could but it won't be the same experience as on Medium.

3 years ago
1 Any plans to integrate with MS Teams?

Yes, this feature is on the roadmap for Scoold Pro.

3 years ago
6 on-prem HTTPS and para console

Yes, to both questions.

  1. You can enable HTTPS in the JVM using Spring Boot's configuration properties, or use nginx instead.

  2. The Para Web Console is an open source project - simply clone it and use it however you like. It's 100% client-side, so it doesn't really matter if you host it locally or not.

3 years ago
3 installation
  1. Install Java
  2. Get the Scoold JAR file
  3. Get the Para JAR file
  4. Follow the instructions in the README

You can create private groups, called "spaces" inside of Scoold.

3 years ago
0 how to insert an imagee

Use the Markdown for image links ![alt](https://image.png).

Scoold Pro supports image and file uploads.

3 years ago
2 How to manually interact with the para database?

Of course, you can use the regular SQL browsing tools for your database to interact with the data. Another option is to use console.paraio.org to browse the data inside a Para app. It's a simple web console for CRUD operations on objects.

4 years ago
2 Is it possible to make a particular tag required?

Currently, you can auto-assign tags for new questions if the question contains no tags. It's not possible to make a tag required. How would you decide if a tag is required for a particualar question?

4 years ago
2 Does it support latex?

Scoold Pro supports Latex through MathJax.

4 years ago
2 Upload an image

Yes, Scoold Pro supports file uploads.

4 years ago
2 Is it possible to get logs ?

SAML passwords cannot be reset from Scoold.
Usually SAML errors are due to incorrect mapping of attributes, similar to this one:

Missing values for SAML attributes 'name', 'FirstName', 'LastName'.

Make sure you set the names of attributes to match your SAML attributes:

# attribute mappings (usually required)
# e.g. urn:oid:0.9.2342.19200300.100.1.1
para.security.saml.attributes.id = ""
# e.g. urn:oid:0.9.2342.19200300.100.1.3
para.security.saml.attributes.email = ""
4 years ago
-3 How to remove a user account ?

Only admins can delete user accounts. Go to Profile -> Delete (under the avatar). You can delete your own account from the Settings page.

4 years ago
2 How to move a existing question to an other space

Yes, moderators and admins can move questions between spaces.

4 years ago
1 unapproved

Unapproved means questions without an approved answer.

4 years ago
0 Is possible to notify moderators on new questions?

Yes, go to Settings and enable the email notification for new posts.

4 years ago
2 Can you integrate scoold with yammer or microsoft teams ?

What kind of integration are you talking about? If you're talking about authenticating with Microsoft Teams, that's already supported.

4 years ago
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