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[FIXED] Cannot add Tag in my localserver. Fixed in 1.31.3

I host the scoold server, para server ando MongoDB server.
I found that when I post my server, it shows "must not be empty" under the tag input.
I specified the tag. but this error was not disappeared.
How do I debug this problem ?


I have the same issue. Tried with para:1.31.0 and latest, scoold 1.31.0, 1.31.1 and latest. Seems it's broken

Omri Spector   5 years ago Report
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Answers 3

Try upgrading Scoold to 1.31.1. I think I fixed that issue a while back...

Posted 5 years ago
Alex Bogdanovski
1K × 9 Administrator

Nope. Sorry.

Omri Spector   5 years ago Report

I checked ver. 1.31.1. But it is not fixed.
The post is the first question in my system. So, there are no tags in my system. Other inputs looks good.
I checked the console in my chrome developper tool. It shows no error and warnings.
I will try other debugging way.
Thank you.

cf. not good tags

  • over 13 characters
  • just 13 characters
  • with other tags ( ex. foo, var, buz )
Posted 5 years ago

This is finally fixed! Please upgrade to 1.31.3

Posted 5 years ago
Alex Bogdanovski
1K × 9 Administrator
3 Answers
5 years ago
4 years ago
  Chiba-shi, 千葉県 日本