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Alex Bogdanovski
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3 Votes 2 Answers 5K Views
How can a computer restart itself? After it's off, how does it tell itself to come back on again? What kind of software is it that can do this?
7 years ago
0 Votes
3 Answers
0 Votes 3 Answers 5K Views
In Windows you have a C-drive. Everything labeled beyond that is with the following letter. So your second drive is D, your DVD is E and if you put in a USB ...
0 Can I limit a search by tag?

You, you can just click on the tag to see all questions with that tag.

4 years ago
0 Can this editor problem be fixed?

Unfortunately, I can't do anything about that. I don't think it's an issue at all. Once you start typing after "-" the formatting is back to normal.

Please, use GitHub for reporting issues.

5 years ago
2 Does it need admin approval to post a question on schoold ?

Everyone can ask a question here, but in Scoold Pro you can configure it so that questions posted by new users need to be approved by an admin in order to be published.

Answers to your other questions on Drift:

  1. You don't have to pay anything for the open source version of Scoold
  2. You can ask an unlimited number of questions on Scoold
  3. You can reply to any question
5 years ago
0 Possible to embed into iFrame?

I very much doubt that Scoold will run in an iFrame, especially with the Content Security Policy turned on. You could, of course, turn that off and try.

5 years ago
2 Creating Slack integration

David, that's a cool idea! We should discuss this further via email or on Gitter. You're talking about 2 features here - first is the Slack bot and the second is a Scoold integration with the Slack API.

This will be a premium feature and will be available in Scoold Pro.

5 years ago
5 Does the pro version support login through Web Forms via Token Based Auth?

EDIT: Custom authentication is now supported by Para and implemented in Scoold Pro.

If your serverside implements OAuth 2.0, LDAP or SAML, then yes. Anything else would require custom authentication code running on the Para backend.

5 years ago
4 Can you create custom badges?

You can, but it requires modification of the source code.

5 years ago
2 [FIXED] Cannot add Tag in my localserver. Fixed in 1.31.3

This is finally fixed! Please upgrade to 1.31.3

5 years ago
6 Cannot add Tag in my localserver.

Try upgrading Scoold to 1.31.1. I think I fixed that issue a while back...

5 years ago
5 years ago
2 Scoold database - are you recommending H2 database in production

Sure, it's a simple, stable and performant database and it's ideal for small-to-medium Scoold deployments. I can't recommend any particular DB because they all have their tradeoffs. Simply use the database engine you are most familiar with. It is also quite easy to implement a DAO plugin for any database you choose, unless it it's already implemented.

For details on how to access the H2 DB in ./data and how to back up/restore it,...

5 years ago
2 Can users edit other questions and answers?

-> https://live.scoold.com/about
Everyone having 1000 rep (teacher badge) can edit posts.

5 years ago
0 Can the user be redirected to the logon page if they're not logged on?

"No questions" means you that there are no questions found or your connection to Para is broken. In this case a redirect to Login would be pointless.

5 years ago
0 Can we completely turn off the 'near me' feature?

I'll write this down as a feature request.
Yes, you can with para.nearme_feature_enabled = false

5 years ago
2 Manages Spaces - allow users to access (read/write) different spaces

This has been fixed in 1.31.0. Users -> Bulk Edit Spaces

5 years ago
3 Does scoold support Latex formatting?

Yes, but in the PRO version which is coming out later this year. In the OSS version only basic syntax hightlighting is supported.

5 years ago
6 years ago
1 Anonymous Questions

Yes! This will be available in Scoold PRO soon.

6 years ago
9 Front end flexibility of scoold

You use your own CSS file by setting para.stylesheet_url = "http://url.to/your_style.css". Apart from that, anything can be modified if you're comfortable recompiling the project with Maven.

6 years ago
2 Login using SAML

Single sign-on with SAML is now supported in Scoold PRO.

6 years ago
3 I would like to check if location based question works properly.

Have you tried this with the latest version 1.28.5? Indeed, there was a parameter bug in previous versions.

6 years ago
2 How can I translate?

Here's the whole language file in English: https://github.com/Erudika/scoold/blob/master/src/main/resources/lang_en.properties

You can also go to the Translate page and translate there. It would be slower as all translated strings have to be approved first.

**If you translate the whole language file, please notify me or create a Pull Request on GitHub and I'll add it to the project as the official tra...

6 years ago
6 years ago
1 Database

The demo site uses Amazon DynamoDB but Para can potentially run on any database you want. Currently there are plugins for MongoDB, Cassandra, H2, MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server.

6 years ago
0 Are Translations reviewed or voted ?

Translations are stored in the database but can also be stored in text files and loaded by Scoold. This feature is work in progress.

6 years ago
2 Are Translations reviewed or voted ?

Translations are voted and accepted automatically if they have 5+ votes or reviewed and accepted by an administrator. We'd greatly appreciate translating Scoold. Could you tell me which languages you were traslating?

6 years ago
2 Why Can't I Comment On Things

Everyone with the 'Enthusiast' badge can post comments. You need 100+ reputation to get it.

6 years ago
2 could you explain how we install this script on a server step by step ?

Hi, the deployment steps for Scoold are:

  1. Deploy Para on your machine OR create an account and app on ParaIO.com
  2. Create and edit the application.conf file and configure the Para endpoint and credentials
  3. Run Scoold with java -jar scoold.war -Dconfig.file=application.conf

Read the Para documentation and the Scoold Readme.

7 years ago
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